Who We Are

SHA-A2K is an architectural, master planning, and interior design firm located in Milwaukee’s Third Ward.  We are currently registered in 37 states and can be licensed in others if needed with our NCARB certification.

We provide high quality services to clients in a variety of project types, including specializing in movie theaters, retail, office spaces, senior living facilities, schools and religious spaces.

We maintain staff continuity throughout the duration of a project.  Our staff is in direct contact with both the owner and general contractor which allows for better communication and ensures that the project runs smoothly.  We pride ourselves on providing superior service to our client and the project team.





SHA is a descendant of Rasche, Schroeder and Sprancy, a firm that grew to prominence during the 1960’s.  The firm began in 1954 as Howard E. Schroder Architectural.  In 1977, after the departure of Rasche and Sprancy, Don Holt, the company’s first employee, was asked to become a partner alongside Schroeder, thus forming Schroeder and Holt Architects.  SHA is currently led by David C. Baum, who has been with the firm since 1986.

A2K was originally established in 1993 by Robert L. Erdmann, Chuck Millmann, and Allen L. Weitermann.  The company’s focus was on the design of elder care facilities and religious spaces.  Once the original founders retired in 2004, David C. Baum became the new firm principal.  Since that time, the firm has continued to build upon A2K’s reputation and experience in the design of safe, healthy environments for seniors and welcoming and empowering religious spaces.





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