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All Saints Campus - Phase III

The vision for this project is to complete the continuum of care model for the existing All Saints Neighborhood, a company of Catholic Charities, Dioses of Madison.  The creation of the "All Saints Neighborhood" provides residents new living choices as well as a core center of activities.  The property will be a 6-story structure containing service enhanced units, guest apartments, the town center, retail space, and dining facilities.  Forty-eight (48) new service enhanced apartments will provide a mix of one and two bedroom units.  The new facility will be linked to the existing 144 unit apartment building by a sky walk allowing existing families to take advantage of the dining, retail and main street common areas.  The CBRF frail care facility will be comprised of 63 living units.  The units in this area will be studios, one and two bedroom apartments.  The CBRF will have two dining areas, commons and activity areas, a spa bathing facility, laundry and outdoor areas.  The project will include leasable retail space at street level on the corner of Wallts Road and Commerce Drive with 26 enclosed parking spaces.

New Construction         193,209 SF          Program: CBRF Units and Independent Living

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