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The Corners of Brookfield is a new shop, dine, live urban community located in the heart of the city and is the perfect spot for the third location for Cubanitas restaurant.  With restaurants in downtown Milwaukee and Oak Creek, Cubanitas looked to expand their authentic Cuban dining experience to Brookfield and marked this location as the design standard for any future restaurants.  SHA worked closely with the owners and building landlord to create a design that embodied both the spirit and character of a traditional Cuban restaurant, giving its patrons a truly unique dining experience.  The new restaurant build-out includes a kitchen, ample dining space both inside and outside, multiple unisex bathrooms, and a mezzanine storage space.  The interior features traditional Cuban color painted walls, wainscoting, chandelier lighting, and plaster textured walls, whereas the exterior combines both traditional and contemporary materials allowing the restaurant to stand out while still remaining unified with the neighboring storefronts.

New Construction Build-out          3,133 SF          Program: Restaurant

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