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McDonald's Corporation is remodeling their existing and dated buildings across the country, giving them a more updated and modern look.  Each remodel will be designed to have a Modern, Craftsman, New England Gray Scheme.  Aside from a new color scheme, the buildings are re-worked to have a flat roof, new lighting, brand walls, signage, and metal canopies.

On the interior, we completely remodel the dining room, restrooms, vestibule and PlayPlace to be fully ADA compliant with new interior finishes.  We closely survey the existing building to identify accessibility and flow issues in the the building and throughout the site.

Although there are standards for the three schemes, each building is unique and presents its own challenges.  Whether dealing with unique existing conditions or strict municipal requirements, SHA works with City staff and a McDonald's review team for a successful project.

Renovation          Square Footage: Varies          Program: Fast Food Restaurant

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