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Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church - Exterior shot of church
Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church - Interior shot of church and seating

Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church

Sussex, WI

Addition and Renovation

The project consisted of a complete renovation and addition to an existing church facility. A 9,000-square-foot addition consisted of a sanctuary, cry room, parish hall, kitchen, day care, drive-up canopy, and restrooms. The renovation of the existing building included remodeling offices and converting the kitchen and parish hall into Sunday school classrooms.

The main focus of the project was the sanctuary addition. The design concept was to create a space that could feel intimate for a small group while also being large enough to accommodate 500 people. This was accomplished by creating a diamond-like structure attached to an open Narthex that can hold the overflow of people. The diamond shaped structure provided exceptional acoustics and visual interest on the interior and exterior.